Hostel accommodation is being given separately to primary kids, boys and girls in the school campus. As the number of students are limited in hostel prior registration is required for hostel accommodation.

Boarder’s Belongings

The following are the personal items to be brought by the boarders at the time of joining to the hostel:

  • School bag : 1 nos
  • Black shoes : 1 pair
  • White shoes : 1 pair
  • Slipper : 1 nos
  • Shoe polish black : 1 nos
  • Shoe polish white : 1 nos
  • Bath towel : 1 nos
  • Handkerchief : 5 nos
  • Undergarments : 5 nos
  • Night dress : 2 sets
  • Winter clothing : Blanket (Thin) – 1 Nos

Blanket (Thik) – 1 nos

Sweater – 2 Nos

  • Bath kit : Soap, soap-case, comb, hair oil, toothbrush, toothpaste, bucket, mug medicare shampoo      (Girls)

Parents Visit

Parents are permitted to visit the school on Saturdays to meet their wards .Parents are advised not to send any unauthorized persons to take out wards from the hostel . Students shall not be sent out along with relatives, friends or any other visitors without due authorization from the parents . Prior permission of the school authority is necessary before a student is taken out from the hostel.

Foodstuffs: Parents are advised to bring home made foodstuffs, fruits or biscuits . Avoid bringing cool drinks, junk foods, etc.  

Health Checkups

 A medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner is to be submitted with the admission from the boarders. The borders are given periodical medical checkups and if found necessary, the parents are intimated for the further course of action.